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Opening: Wednesday, June 28th, 7 pm
Exhibition: June 29th - August 5th 2017

Since 2016, Atelier Goldstein artist Perihan Arpacilar has painted portraits of personalities that have influenced her life and work. Artistically, she approaches these representations in two specific ways. In her ink drawings, she makes use of a water technique, a kind of ink wash, that makes the ink move of its own accord. The randomness of the flowing pigments in this accelerated process makes for idiosyncratic portraits. Tadashi Hatori, curator of the Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art in Kôbe writes: "Pigments dissolved in water float over the paper. A vague form of a human face becomes visible. It is unbelievable how Perihan Arpacilar, with the least possible use of colour and subtle strokes of her brush, can create men and women on paper with such presence."

A second method of approaching her subjects is through woodcuts, a wholly different and quite contrary method to the first. The slowness of the procedure and the solidity of the material involved form are a counterweight to the elusiveness of ink.

In this fashion, Arpacilar has created her cycle "Cult" in the past months, portraits of eight unmistakeable artistic icons in limited edition that are now counterposed with her ink drawings by Atelier Goldstein.

Sunday, 2. Juli, 11 Uhr
Artist Talk
Jakob Hoffmann meets Perihan Arpacilar

Schweizer Straße 84
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