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The beginnings of Gerard van Lankveld’s (born 1947 in Gemert, Netherlands) empire Monera can be traced back to his youth. As a teenager he was viewed as being different from his peers and stigmatized as an “outsider”. Rejected and ridiculed, he began to defend himself: in May 1967 he proclaimed his own state, which proceeded to declare war on the established order. One year after independence the nation was given its own flag. The colour red stands for struggle and battle, white for hope and enlightenment, green for peace and tranquillity. Georgius Macropedius was appointed ideological patron of the empire, his name is the Latin version of the name of the Dutch humanist Joris van Lankvelt (1487-1558), born, like the artist, in Gemert. Gerard van Lankveld gave his enclave the name Monera in 1976. This word contains several allusions: “moira” ist the Greek word for fate (“Fate demanded that I proclaim the state”); “moneron” means isolation (I fought the battle alone”); and the Latin word “monere” – warn or remind – refers to the fact that he did the right thing. Since 1995 the state has borne the full name of Monera Carkos Vlado, with Carkos standing for emperor and Vlado for governmental power. The clocks, miniatures of monuments, ships, aircraft and architectural elements are all parts of this highly humanist empire Monera. It evolves in a continuous creative process from the objects that Gerard van Lankveld creates, at once a real and imaginary realm. *

*Zu Gerard Langveld siehe: Thon Thelen (Hrsg.), Monera Carkos Vlado. Gerard van Langveld, Foundation Monera, 2005.

Opening: Wednesday, Nov 1st, 7pm


These Foolish Things
Microstaaten - Gegenwelten

Nov 23rd, 8 pm
Jakob Hoffmann ist talking with Vienna based Director Paul Poet (Empire Me)

Monerischer Abend
Tea, Cookies, Movies
Dec 13th, 7 pm

In Coorperation with Museum Dr. Guislain.

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