Herbert Nauderer
PARASITE ISLAND_the madhouse

Curated by Andreas Bee

Opening: August 15th, 7 pm
Exhibition: August 16th - September 22nd 2018

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GOLDSTEIN GALERIE, Schweizer Straße 84, Frankfurt am Main

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Exhibition View Herrenchiemsee (Photo: Nicole Wilhelms, Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen)


May 18th - October 3rd 2018
May 2019 - October 3rd 2019

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Opening: July 4th, 7 pm
Exhibition: July 5th - August 4th 2018

GOLDSTEIN GALERIE, Schweizer Straße 84, Frankfurt am Main

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o.T. (Mehrgeschosser) by Hans-Jörg Georgi (Photo: Atelier Goldstein)

Hans-Jörg Georgi is part of the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy, coordinated by Grayson Perry. wird.

June 12th - August 16th 2018

Royal Academy
Burlington House

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Collection ABCD / Bruno Decharme, Exhibition View, La Maison Rouge, 2014 (Photo: Atelier Goldstein)

June 16th - October 28th 2018

La maison rouge
10 bd de la bastille
75012 Paris

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Exhibition: May 24th - June 23rd 2018
Opening: May 23rd, 7 pm

We are happy to announce the upcoming exhibition Frauerpower at Goldstein Galerie - our homage to Atelier Goldstein artist Birgit Ziegert, who died in 2017.

With her distinctive and abundant work with its phantastic pictures of men, animals and plants, she become one of the protagonists of Atelier Goldstein.

GOLDSTEIN GALERIE   Schweizer Straße 84    60594 Frankfurt        

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Julius Bockelt, ohne Titel, 2017

We proudly announce the first institutionel exhibition of Julius Bockelt at Museum Folkwang. He will show works on paper, photographs and his experiments with soapbublles as video projection.

March 22nd - May 6th 2018
Museum Folkwang, Essen


Julius Bockelt und Sven Fritz

Marc 23st, 6.30 pm

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Exhibition: March 29th - May 6th 2018
Opening: March 28th, 7 pm

GOLDSTEIN GALERIE, Schweizer Straße 84, Frankfurt am Main

Öffnungszeiten: Mittwoch - Samstag 12 - 18 Uhr

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December 17th 2017 - March 4th 2018

Stadthaus Ulm
Muensterplatz 50
89073 Ulm

Opening: December 17th, 11 am

Stadthaus Ulm will a wide range of works from 13 Atelier Goldstein aritsts, such as Perihan Arpacilar, Wolfgang Bielaczek. Julius Bockelt, Hans Jörg Georgi, Julia Krause-Harder, Stefan Häfner, Franz von Saalfeld, Christa Sauer, Markus Schmitz, Selbermann, Andreas Skorupa, Juewen Zhang, Birgit Ziegert and Roland Kappel, Mariaberg, as guest artist.

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The beginnings of Gerard van Lankveld’s (born 1947 in Gemert, Netherlands) empire Monera can be traced back to his youth. As a teenager he was viewed as being different from his peers and stigmatized as an “outsider”. Rejected and ridiculed, he began to defend himself: in May 1967 he proclaimed his own state, which proceeded to declare war on the established order. One year after independence the nation was given its own flag. The colour red stands for struggle and battle, white for hope and enlightenment, green for peace and tranquillity. Georgius Macropedius was appointed ideological patron of the empire, his name is the Latin version of the name of the Dutch humanist Joris van Lankvelt (1487-1558), born, like the artist, in Gemert. Gerard van Lankveld gave his enclave the name Monera in 1976. This word contains several allusions: “moira” ist the Greek word for fate (“Fate demanded that I proclaim the state”); “moneron” means isolation (I fought the battle alone”); and the Latin word “monere” – warn or remind – refers to the fact that he did the right thing. Since 1995 the state has borne the full name of Monera Carkos Vlado, with Carkos standing for emperor and Vlado for governmental power. The clocks, miniatures of monuments, ships, aircraft and architectural elements are all parts of this highly humanist empire Monera. It evolves in a continuous creative process from the objects that Gerard van Lankveld creates, at once a real and imaginary realm. *

*Zu Gerard Langveld siehe: Thon Thelen (Hrsg.), Monera Carkos Vlado. Gerard van Langveld, Foundation Monera, 2005.

Opening: Wednesday, Nov 1st, 7pm


These Foolish Things
Microstaaten - Gegenwelten

Nov 23rd, 8 pm
Jakob Hoffmann ist talking with Vienna based Director Paul Poet (Empire Me)

Monerischer Abend
Tea, Cookies, Movies
Dec 13th, 7 pm

In Coorperation with Museum Dr. Guislain.

GOLDSTEIN GALERIE, Schweizer Straße 84, Frankfurt am Main

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von:

Opening: Wednesday, Sept.6th, 7 pm
Exhibition: Sept. 7th - Oct. 14th 2017

„To work with Franz Von Saalfeld at Atelier Goldstein was an opportunity to enter the world of another artist and to share mine with him. We went field recording together to determine pitch in amplified noise, something which he can do, and I cannot. He showed me his pictures and objects, I shared mine with him. We spent time looking and listening.

There is a kind of knowledge amassed, literally a mass, accumulated by the simple act of looking and listening. This mass moves us and can determine a way of producing as an inherent response, much like the impulse to turn towards a sound, to see and recognise what you assume. If fuels a desire to interpret, reinterpret and share.

BUSINESS / CUPBOARD / HAIR / LAND refers to a series of our responses to images that I brought to the Goldstein studio. Our words do not describe what we saw while looking at the images, but rather things we couldn’t see. Alone, these words indicate both things and the ideas of things. At Galerie Goldstein in the objects, video and paper works work we bring, this is what one can expect to see, things and the ideas of things, present indicators of a time and place, and things beyond."

Adrian Williams, 2017

GOLDSTEIN GALERIE, Schweizer Straße 84, Frankfurt am Main

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Atelier Goldstein will open it´s doors to sell works on canvas and paper by Perihan Arpacilar, Wolfgang Bielaczek, Julius Bockelt, Hans-Jörg Georgi, Snezana Milenkovic, Franz von Saalfeld, Christa Sauer, Andreas Skorupa and Juewen Zhang.

13th of August
11 - 6 pm
Mittlerer Hasenpfad 5
Frankfurt / M

From August 7th on, Goldstein Galerie will transform into a laboratory.

During the first week, Julius Bockelt and Sven Fritz will use the rooms as a music studio to work experimentel compositions and an audiovisual performance.

During the second week, Julius Bockelt will draw on the display window of the gallery, a temporary piece of art.

On August 21st Julia Krause-Harder and Lutz Pillong will move into the gallery. Krause-Harder will work on her huge textile world map, which is planed to be exhibited in Goldstein Galerie by January 2018.

GOLDSTEIN GALERIE, Schweizer Straße 84, Frankfurt am Main

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The traveling Memorial of the grey busses will come to Frankfurt am Main and stay there on the Rathenauplatz from August 19th to May 2018. There will be a events series remembering the victims of the euthansia crime.

Atelier Goldstein will show works by its artists at the Paulskirche from October 17th to 30th.

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Opening: Wednesday, June 28th, 7 pm
Exhibition: June 29th - August 5th 2017

Since 2016, Atelier Goldstein artist Perihan Arpacilar has painted portraits of personalities that have influenced her life and work. Artistically, she approaches these representations in two specific ways. In her ink drawings, she makes use of a water technique, a kind of ink wash, that makes the ink move of its own accord. The randomness of the flowing pigments in this accelerated process makes for idiosyncratic portraits. Tadashi Hatori, curator of the Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art in Kôbe writes: "Pigments dissolved in water float over the paper. A vague form of a human face becomes visible. It is unbelievable how Perihan Arpacilar, with the least possible use of colour and subtle strokes of her brush, can create men and women on paper with such presence."

A second method of approaching her subjects is through woodcuts, a wholly different and quite contrary method to the first. The slowness of the procedure and the solidity of the material involved form are a counterweight to the elusiveness of ink.

In this fashion, Arpacilar has created her cycle "Cult" in the past months, portraits of eight unmistakeable artistic icons in limited edition that are now counterposed with her ink drawings by Atelier Goldstein.

Sunday, 2. Juli, 11 Uhr
Artist Talk
Jakob Hoffmann meets Perihan Arpacilar

Schweizer Straße 84
Frankfurt am Main

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June 10th 2017 - April 2nd 2018

From June 2017, Museum of Everything will host their most expansive and ambitious show to date at the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) Atelier Goldstein is represented with over 40 works by Künstler such as Hans Jörg Georgi (Planes), Julia Krause-Harder (Dinosaur Sculptures) und Julius Bockelt (Drawings), vertreten.

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(The cell of Julius Klingebiel)

Opening and Performance: May 3rd 2017, 7 pm
Exhibition: May 4th - June 10th 2017

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Schweizer Straße 84
Frankfurt am Main

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With Markus Zimmermann, Saskia Hennig von Lange and others.
Opening and Performance: March 8th 2017, 7 pm
Exhibition: March 8th - April 15th 2017

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Schweizer Straße 84
Frankfurt am Main

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FÜRCHTET EUCH NICHT! (Don´t be afraid)
Two christmas stories
The Neapolitan crip from St. Leonhard and Julia Krause-Harder: »Das Marienleben«

Dec 6th 2016 - Feb 2nd 2017

Opening: Sun, Dec 4th, 3 pm

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Julia Krause-Harder / Atelier Goldstein

Opening and puppet show: Oct 19th, 7 pm
By and with Michael Kalmbach and composer and pianist Seyko Itoh

Exhibition: Oct 20th - Nov 26th 2016

The Scoundrels‘ Ballet is a work of art made from a newspaper from Frankfurt that Michael Kalmbach has fashioned into paper sculptures in Berlin that is now returning to its place of origin. It is a synthesis of movement, image and sound. During the opening of the show, Michael Kalmbach and composer and pianist Seyko Itoh will transform into Miko and Seel, who will bring the sculptures to life. For the rest of the show’s run until November 26th, the sculptures can be seen as a mute reminder their turbulent first night.

2nd event:
These Foolish Things
Horror, Modelling Clay and Dolls
Films by and about Michael Kalmbach
Curated by Jakob Hoffmann
Friday, Nov 25th, 7pm

For further information visit Bubenballett.

Schweizer Straße 84
Frankfurt am Main

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Opening: August 31st, 7 pm
Exhibition: September 1st - October 9th 2016

(...)The photo on the invitation is a mask-like, organic-looking thing that, like the shrivelled mushroom, is enigmatic to the beholder. He won’t disclose the secret this time. We look forward to being enlightened.
There are loads of botanists in Frankfurt who are just waiting to help us out in definitively identifying the plantlike organism, of which different variations will be shown in the exhibition. Let’s call it The Mask-Series. The photos were taken in 2007, the prints are new. 2007 is not an even number. Nine years are not ten years, but G.D. wants them exhibited at this moment. That is why the title of the exhibition has no reference to time. He does not ask “When are we living?” That would be a silly question. We live exactly when we are alive, and only then. It would have been a nice question, that would have ended with a question mark, not like the pseudo-question “Jawolebenwirdenn”. The title refers to the side of the gallery where the photos will be shown that were taken in the gallery neighbourhood, yesterday, the day before yesterday, and the day before that.
The photo of a puddle at the corner of Schwanthaler and Oppenheimer, across the street from Krögers Brötchen, was taken many years ago and he is looking forward to seeing it exhibited for the first time. G.D. is a proponent of the saying that everything was better in the olden days. His best pictures were all taken in the olden days. A group of drawings shown the style he developed for the MMK complete the exhibition and liven things up a little.
Two slide shows are planned with the title “JWLWD”, an acronym of the exhibition title. Sounds kinda like JWD. “Janzweitdraußen”. It will definitely not be a slide show of Sahara photos. No, not with me. Our slides were taken in Frankfurt, possibly in Sachsenhausen.(...)


jwlwd 1, Diashow by Gerald Domenig, September 8th, 7 pm

jwlwd 2, Diashow by Gerald Domenig, October 6th, 7 pm

For further information visit jawolebenwirdenn.

Schweizer Straße 84
Frankfurt am Main

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Julia Krause-Harder is part of this exhibition, that currently opened at Oriel Davies Gallery, Powys (England).

A catalogue about the redesign of the Marien Kirche ist out now.

This publication documents the design, the process and the realisation on 200 pages.

The catalogue is available at Haus am Dom during the same titled exhibition period.

It can also be ordered at Schnell und Steiner:

The redesign of the Marien Kirche Aulhausen by Atelier Goldstein, after six years of intensive effort, is completed.
An exhibition about the process and reception of this redesign will take place at three locations this april:

Zollamtsaal, Domstraße 3
Haus am Dom, Domplatz 3
Dommuseum, Domplatz 1
60311 Frankfurt am Main

Opening at Haus am Dom: April 12th 2016, 6.30 pm

Exhibition: April 13th – May 22nd 2016
Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 11 - 6 pm

A catalogue will be available at Haus am Dom and the exhibition place and via book-trade.

The redesign of the Marien Kirche Aulhausen by Atelier Goldstein is completed.
After six years of intensive effort, the Marien Kirche is now officially open to the public.

Detailed information about the Marien Kirche can be found at

Marien Kirche
65385 Rüdesheim am Rhein

49°59'46.5"N 7°53'43.8"E

Wood Sculptures by Ernst Stark

After finding a piece of wood in the forest, Ernst Stark then bares a picture from that piece, layer by layer, like an archaeologist. This takes time and patience. Many of his works are postcard-sized, framed by watercolor. Sometimes the pieces are life-sized and sculpted from whole tree trunks. The themes can be animals, landscapes or just a thing, a found object.

Ernst Stark processes the wood until it transforms, it morphs into something animate. The animal becomes a portrayed object, the landscape becomes a space for memories. It all has its own pace and rhythm and is never hurried.

In essence: Ernst Stark transferrs a two dimensional image into the space.

The exhibition „Herzstücke“ will show wooden sculptures from the period of 2003 to 2016, arranged by the artist to form a picture in the room. The centerpiece of this colorful Installation will be a life-sized animal, resembling an okapi.

Opening: Jan 12th, 7 pm
Exhibition: Jan 13th - Feb 21st 2016


Artist Talk
Jan 13th, 7 pm

with Ernst Stark and Erik Verhagen

These Foolish Things
Jan 22nd, 8 pm
Wolfram Lotz

Monologe + Bilder

Hours: Wednesday - Saturday, 12 - 6 pm

For further information visit HERZSTÜCKE.

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Stefan Häfner, Marcel Schmitz, Ota Prouza

Museum Montanelli, Prag
20. November 2015 - 28. Februar 2016

„Kreuzungen“, das neue Kooperationsprojekt von ABCD und dem Museum Montanelli, stellt Werke von drei internationalen zeitgenössischen Art-Brut-Künstlern vor, die ein gemeinsames Thema haben: die Stadt als Ort, der unser Leben definiert.

Drawings by Arletta Kindermann and Objects by Wolfgang Klee

Opening: November 18th, 7 pm
Exhibition: November 18th - December 20th 2015

Curated by Thomas Röske

Hours: Wednesday - Saturday, 12 - 6 pm

For more information visit KOMMUNIZIERENDE KÖRPER.

GOLDSTEIN GALERIE  .  Schweizer Straße 84  .  60594 Frankfurt am Main

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In its first solo exhibition, Goldstein Gallery will show the work of its artist Julius Bockelt, born in Frankfurt in 1983, which mainly deals with his observation of physical phenomena. Linear shapes and overlapping designs are linked with his experiments with noise interferences and sound waves. His photographic work is the result of idiosyncratic observations and experiments. Bockelt uses cloud information, rainbows, snow crystals and photoelastic methods, f.i. to change the structure of soap bubbles with Coca Cola. The results are incidental but poetic but poets works of art.

Opening: Wednesday, Sept 23rd 2015, 7 pm
Exhibition: Sept 24th - Oct 31st 2015

Sunday Matinee , Oct 4th, 11 am
Jakob Hoffmann meets Julius Bockelt (Artist Talk)
Music Performance, Oct 23rd, 7 pm
Uwe Dierksen: Sequenza V for Trombone Solo by Luciano Berio
Uwe Dierksen and Julius Bockelt: Improvisation

Hours: Wednesday - Saturdayamstag, 12 - 6 pm

For further information visit SCHICHT, BLASE, EFFEKT.

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