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NO20 Gerald Domenig - jawolebenwirdenn

Opening: August 31s, 7 pm
Exhibition: September 1st - October 9th 2016

Today, on the 28th of July, G.D. was mushroom hunting in the Eggforst (a forest). Once he heard voices in the distance. But distance in a forest is a hard thing to gauge. Two hundred meters
away along the forest path below where he was positioned, he caught a glimpse of a person. When alone in a forest, one speaks into a void. The forest reacts with its own thoughts and answers
in its own way. So there is this moment of cooperation…G.D. was responsible for taking down notes on his notepad. He was in a cozy, mossed-over part of the forest when he succeeded in pulling
this constant companion from his sweaty jacket, and put down the following:
“Mushrooms have always sought the proximity to humans.” That was a good start. He picked almost a kilo of chanterelles from a slope. Not bad, considering… Ten years earlier, he had come back
from Carinthia to Frankfurt with a less fancy horde : a few very fine specimens of a Habichtspilz, which he had photographed after they had become dried and shrivelled. It was a typical thing
for him to do: taking pictures of mysterious objects and thus transforming them into something unrecognizable. He makes them smaller, and flatter, as flat as possible, and encodes them in black
and white.
Now he’s given himself away again. He’s disclosed what should have remained a riddle. The photos are a riddle for the viewer who has never made acquaintance with a Habichtspilz. The artist essentially
sees his work as an assignment to the beholder. A real picture riddle does not contradict an artist’s work. The photo on the invitation is a mask-like, organic-looking thing that, like the shrivelled
mushroom, is enigmatic to the beholder. He won’t disclose the secret this time.
We look forward to being enlightened. There are loads of botanists in Frankfurt who are just waiting to help us out in definitively identifying the plantlike organism, of which different variations will
be shown in the exhibition. Let’s call it The Mask-Series.
The photos were taken in 2007, the prints are new. 2007 is not an even number. Nine years are not ten years, but G.D. wants them exhibited at this moment. That is why the title of the exhibition has no
reference to time. He does not ask “When are we living?” That would be a silly question. We live exactly when we are alive, and only then. It would have been a nice question, that would have ended with
a question mark, not like the pseudo-question “Jawolebenwirdenn”.
The title refers to the side of the gallery where the photos will be shown that were taken in the gallery neighbourhood, yesterday, the day before yesterday, and the day before that.
The photo of a puddle at the corner of Schwanthaler and Oppenheimer, across the street from Krögers Brötchen, was taken many years ago and he is looking forward to seeing it exhibited for the first time.
G.D. is a proponent of the saying hat everything was better in the olden days. His best pictures were all taken in the olden days.
A group of drawings shown the style he developed for the MMK complete the exhibition and liven things up a little.
Two slide shows are planned with the title “jwlwd”, an acronym of the exhibition title. Sounds kinda like jwd. “Janzweitdraußen” (far away). The slide shows will definitely not be of Sahara photos.
Our slides were taken in Frankfurt, possibly in Sachsenhausen.
G.D. hopes some of the work will recall earlier Atelier Goldstein shows and remind people of other artists such as Severin Kirschner, Ernst Stark, Gabi Hamm, Franz von Saalfeld and others.


jwlwd 1, Diashow by Gerald Domenig, September 8th, 7 pm
jwlwd 2, Diashow by Gerald Domenig, October 6th, 7 pm

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