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Wood Sculptures by Ernst Stark

After finding a piece of wood in the forest, Ernst Stark then bares a picture from that piece, layer by layer, like an archaeologist. This takes time and patience.
Many of his works are postcard-sized, framed by watercolor. Sometimes the pieces are life-sized and sculpted from whole tree trunks. The themes can be
animals, landscapes or just a thing, a found object.

Ernst Stark processes the wood until it transforms, it morphs into something animate. The animal becomes a portrayed object, the landscape becomes
a space for memories. It all has its own pace and rhythm and is never hurried.

In essence: Ernst Stark transferrs a two dimensional image into the space.

The exhibition „Herzstücke“ will show wooden sculptures from the period of 2003 to 2016, arranged by the artist to form a picture in the room.
The centerpiece of this colorful Installation will be a life-sized animal, resembling an okapi.

Opening: Jan 12th, 7 pm
Exhibition: Jan 13th - Feb 21st 2016


Artist Talk
Jan 13th, 7 pm
with Ernst Stark and Erik Verhagen

These Foolish Things
Jan 22nd, 8 pm
Wolfram Lotz

Monologe + Bilder

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