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HANS JÖRG GEORGI - Das blöde Böse

Hans Jörg Georgi´s six-storied flying objects represent the future of aviation. As self-contained, airborne cities, independent of stationary maintenace and fossil fuels,
they provide refuge to mankind in the case of an uninhabitable earth.
Georgi proclaims a permanent technical stagnation. His studies on aviation history and present are being cut off by the introduction of his Sechsgeschosser. He makes the
transit a permanent condition, takes the destination out of the journey and raises the means of locomotion to the means of existence.
The habitat is designed after Georgi´s apprciation of the essential and the finer things. The enduring extreme situation calls for concessions and declinations of human needs
and reqirements. From this dark scenario comes a sense of conditional salvation. Georgi selects passengers and circumstances according to his appraisal of good and bad.
His drawings also show this urge for balance. The youthful characters are endlessly repeated in varying situations. The fragmental display suggests a straight view into Georgi´s
Das blöde Böse, (the darn evil) is everything which Georgi wishes upon no one, and what he wants to protect everyone from.

Opening: Wednesday, Dec 14th 2016, 7 pm
Exhibition: Dec 15th 2016 - Feb 18th 2017

Goldstein Galerie will be closed from Dec 19th 2016 to Jan 10th 2017 !


Thur, Jan 12th 2017 8 pm
Immortality, Pop and other problems
A Night with Andreas Dorau
Moderation: Jakob Hoffmann

Wed, Feb 15th 2017, 7 pm

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